Friday, February 15, 2013

Spring 2013 Hair Trends

I have enough hair for three people and unfortunately, only three ways I'm able to style it: straight, curly & the occasional top knot. So while searching for ways to update my 'do without actually having to cut it, I stumbled upon some chic and easy hair trends for the upcoming season. I'll definitely be incorporating these into my rotation!

From fishtail braids to side-swept braid/chignon combos, I love how casual AND dressed up braids can look.


Head Wraps
Perfect for the beach or boat, I will certainly be rocking this look on my imaginary yacht in Newport this summer.

Sleek Ponytails
Sexy, modern, simple. Right up my alley.


Messier Top Knots
My knots currently consist of meticulously pulling every strand back into a perfect bun. This spring it's all about letting the frizz fly (to an extent) and embracing the inner wild child that just doesn't give a f**k.

What are your favorite hair trends? Will you be trying any of these this spring?


  1. Loving the braids and messy top knots, although like you I have a hard time letting them be messy!

  2. I saw TONS of fishtail braids at Veronica Beard's presentation in NY. I want to replicate state. But never learned it. Woe is me!

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